2017, Ceramic Speed Bearings, Race Coated BB30 Campy UT

CeramicSpeed bottom bracket with coated bearings converts BB30 frames to fit standard 25 mm Campagnolo axles. Fits frames with a 42 mm hole.

In our coated bearings the raceway is coated with an ultra-thin (2-3 micron) protective layer, which is 75% harder than hardened steel, yet still flexible –so it doesn’t crack; this reduces friction even further, while increasing resilience to water, salt, dirt and other foreign objects.

CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket’s offer extremely low friction and longer lifetime. The unique CeramicSpeed ceramic balls are of the highest achievable quality and out-perform everything else in the market.

For this product you need to use spacers which are included in the packaging. The spacers are of high quality and they are not soft or create any creaking sound.

Features: Ceramic Speed Race Coated BB30 Campy UT

  • Width: 68mm
  • Bearings: Coated
  • Spindle Diameter: 25mm
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Weight: 92g
  • Warranty: 6 years



  • Ceramic Speed Bearings Race Coated BB30 Campy UT | Ceramic | Black | 2.00 | 25.00 | 30.00 | 30.00
  • Ceramic Speed Bearings Race Coated BB30 Campy UT | Ceramic | Red | 2.00 | 25.00 | 30.00 | 30.00