2017, Ceramic Speed Bearings, Race Coated BB86 Campy UT Bearing Kit

CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket that fits BB86 SRAM GXP 24/22.2 axles. The bottom bracket fits the frames with 41 mm hole. Fitted with coated bearings, this bottom bracket ensures longer lifetime and lower friction.

Optimise your bike with the CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets and maximize your performance with no additional effort. Thanks to the technology behind the CeramicSpeed bearings, you are able to achieve free speed or to save energy when riding. The BB86 SRAM GXP increases resistance to water, salt, dirt and other foreign objects.

The CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets increase the drivetrain stiffness providing the optimal power transfer to boost your overall performance. The coated bearings foresee the raceway coated with an ultra-thin (2-3 micron) protective layer, which is 75% harder than hardened steel, yet still flexible – so it will not break.

Features: Ceramic Speed Race Coated BB86 Campy UT Bearing Kit

  • Width: 86mm
  • Bearings: Coated
  • Spindle Diameter: 25mm
  • Colors: Black
  • Weight: 89g
  • Warranty: 6 years



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