2017, Ceramic Speed Bearings, Race Coated PF30 Sram GXP

A smooth rolling CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket, equipped with coated bearings and designed for PF30 frames to fit SRAM GXP 24/22.2 mm axles.

Handmade in Denmark and installed in CeramicSpeed aluminum cups, this bottom bracket pairs the efficiency of our CeramicSpeed bearings with the high quality of our product components.

The special coating of the bearing raceway is an ultra-thin (2-3 micron) protective layer, which is 75% harder than hardened steel. This firm layer is designed and applied to the bearing surface so that it is also very flexible, avoiding any threat of breakage. Thanks to the coated races, you will benefit from reduced friction even further and increased resistance to contaminating objects.

Note that for this product you need to use the spacers, which are included in the package. Thanks to the special material features, the spacers are designed to avoid breakage and any disturbing sounds.

Features: Ceramic Speed Race Coated PF30 SRAM GXP

  • Width: 68mm
  • Bearings: Coated
  • Spindle Diameter: GXP
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Warranty: 6 years



  • Ceramic Speed Bearings Race Coated PF30 Sram GXP | Ceramic | Black | 7.00 | 22.00 | 31.00 | 31.00
  • Ceramic Speed Bearings Race Coated PF30 Sram GXP | Ceramic | Red | 7.00 | 22.00 | 31.00 | 31.00