Magura MT8 SL HC-Carbolay® Disc Brake Set – MTB Brakes


Magura MT8 SL HC-Carbolay® Disc Brake Set

The Magura MT8 SL disc brake set is super light due to the Carbotecture SL® housings and has a high braking power thanks to the new ergonomic 1-finger HC Carbolay® lever blades. All reasons why professional racers trust in this brake set.

Perfect for cross country and marathon races: the Magura MT8 SL disc brake set

An increased transmission ratio will give you a reassuring feeling of safety in every competition situation. The new 1-finger HC lever blades modulate the enormous braking power as desired. Despite its ridiculously low weight, the MT8 SL disc brake set offers the highest braking power and stability of the 2-piston family. An uncompromising lightweight construction, engineered for racing purposes. The popular 1-finger HC lever blades are now available as carbon versions. The lever blades have a comfortable feel and the high-tech material combines ultra-light weight and rigidity, a clear benefit for riders.

Features – MT8 SL set

  • Optimal heat resistance
  • Ergonomic, 1-finger carbon levers
  • Forged one-piece 2-piston aluminum brake calipers
  • Reach adjust with 3mm allen key
  • Compatible with all MAGURA Storm, Storm HC and Storm SL / SL.2 discs
  • Made in Germany
  • Designed and engineered in Germany
  • Model year 2019

Product Features

  • Use: MTB Cross Country (XC), All Mountain
  • Technical features: Full hydraulic dual piston floating calipers
  • Pad wear adjustment: Automatic
  • Brake hoses: MAGURA disc tubes (easily shortened)
  • Transmission medium: MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil
  • Banjo fitting: Yes
  • Hydraulic system: Open, with expansion chamber
  • Intern. standard mounting (IS): Yes, adaptor
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology): Yes
  • Reach adjust: Yes (with tool / 3mm allen key)
  • Flip-Flop-Design: Yes
  • Shift Mix: Yes (optional)
  • BAT (bite point adjuster): No
  • OPD (caliper in one-piece design): Yes
  • Postmount mounting (PM): Yes, direct mount
  • 2-Piece Lever Clamps: Yes
  • Material fitting bolts: Aluminum
  • Material masters/levers: Carbotecture SL (masters), carbon (levers)
  • Material calipers: Aluminum
  • Hose length: 2200mm each (shortable)
  • Rotor recommendation: Storm SL.2 140/160/180/203


  • Carbon (levers)
  • Mystic grey (calipers)


  • 390g (set / manufacturer information)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x MT8 SL HC-Carbolay® disk brake set
  • 4 x fastening screws
  • 2 x insert pin
  • 2 x olive
  • 2 x transport safety
  • Disc brakes are ready-to-install, filled and bled!
Rotors and adaptors not included!
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