Shimano SLX M7100 2×12-speed Group I-Spec EV 10-45 – MTB Group Sets


Shimano SLX M7100 2×12-speed Group I-Spec EV 10-45

After setting the benchmark in mountain bike components with SHIMANO XTR and DEORE XT, Shimano rounds out its now entirely 12-speed performance mountain bike component lines with new SLX M7100 group.

Scope of delivery – Shimano SLX M7100 2×12-speed Group I-Spec EV 10-45

  • 1 Shimano SLX FC-M7100-2 12-speed Crank 36/26 (choose variant crank arm length)
  • 1 Shimano SLX SL-M7100 I-Spec EV 2×12-speed Shift Lever Set
  • 1 Shimano gear wires 1800 / 2050mm and gear cables SIS OT-SP41 1200 / 1800mm
  • 1 Shimano SLX RD-M7120 2×12-speed Rear Derailleur SGS
  • 1 Shimano SLX CS-M7100 12-speed Cassette 10-45 incl. Lock Ring
  • 1 Shimano SLX CN-M7100 12-speed Chain 126 Links incl. Connector Quick-Link SM-CN910-12

The mountain bike group that supports all adventurous riders: SLX M7100 2×12-speed Group from Shimano

Like the DEORE XT, the new SLX M7100 series features 12-speed cassettes, a special 12-speed chain at SLX level, two or four-piston brakes, individually adjustable I-SPEC EV shift levers, powerful rear derailleurs and front derailleurs, 12-speed hubs and HOLLOWTECH II cranksets. Together, these parts form a component group that is perfect for all those who discover the true passion for mountain biking and who value an excellent price-performance ratio.

Shimano SLX FC-M7100-2 12-speed Crank 36/26

The Shimano SLX FC-M7100 2×12-speed crank with 172 mm Q-factor, 48.8 mm chainline and 142 mm O.L.D offers maximum drive efficiency at low weight. In combination with the 10-45 tooth cassette, it delivers an incredible transmission bandwidth! The perfect set-up for long races and hard climbs. In addition to a new special 12-speed chain (CN-M7100) with the corresponding new 12-speed QUICK LINK lock, SHIMANO is also equipping the SLX M7100 with new cranksets for 2×12-speed  (FC-M7100-2/7120-B2).

For those who are drawn to unknown terrain, our 2×12 crank option offers the ultimate range for all eventualities. The chainring gradation of 36-26T in combination with the 10-45T cassette offers almost unlimited possibilities to tackle every imaginable terrain while keeping the cadence constant through low gear jumps.


  • FC-M7100-2 Q-Factor 172mm
  • Chain line 48.8mm
  • O.L.D 142mm
  • Compatibility 2×12-speed with CS-M7100 cassettes 10-45
  • Mounting system Direct mount (Lighter and stiffer design & easy exchangeable chainring by direct mount and one key release)

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Group: SLX M7100
  • Model: FC-M7100-2
  • Gradation: 36-26T
  • Q-Factor: 172mm
  • Threaded BB shell width: 68 / 73mm
  •  Gear front: 2-speed
  • Gear rear: 12-speed
  • Construction: Hollowtech II
  • Compatible Chain: CN-M8100 12-speed
  • Crank arms: 4 arm
  • O.L.D: 142mm
  • Chain line: 48.8mm

Crank Arm Length (choose variant)

  • 165mm
  • 170mm
  • 175mm


  • Crank arm: Aluminum Anodized
  • Crank axle: Steel Plated
  • Large Chainring: Aluminum
  • Small Chainring: Aluminum


  • approx. 674g (manufacturer information)

Shimano SLX SL-M7100 I-Spec EV 2×12-speed Shift Lever Set

The Shimano SLX SL-M7100-I 2×12-speed Rapidfire Plus (Mono) shift with new I-Spec EV construction lever features a lightweight, ergonomic and compact design. In addition to the shifting behavior, the performance also increases. With 20 % quicker lever access time and 35 % less force.

Enhancing lever access and shifting speed, the new RAPIDFIRE PLUS shift levers offer light operation force and more versatility. Shimano’s new I-Spec EV lever design features greater flexibility in mounting for a clean and ergonomic cockpit. And for double chainring systems, the lever simplifies front shifting with a lightweight and compact design that shifts up and down with a single lever.


  • I-Spec EV – securing the shift lever on the brake lever
  • 20% quicker lever access time
  • Intuitive simple front control
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Quicker lever access and light operation force maintains rider concentration
  • Greater flexibility and action-optimized cockpit layout
  • 2-WAY RELEASE for instant push/pull movements

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Group: SLX M7100
  • Model: RD-M7100-I
  • Shifter Type:
    • 2-speed Rapidfire Plus Mono
    • 12-speed Rapidfire Plus
  • Mounting: I-Spec EV
  • Gear front: 2-speed
  • Gear rear: 12-speed
  • Optical Gear Display: No
  • Instant Release: Yes
  • Multi Release: No
  • 2-Way Release: Yes
  • Cable adjust: Yes


  • Main lever body: Aluminum Painted
  • Lever body: Aluminium, GFRP


  •  approx. 200g / pair (manufacturer information)

Shimano SLX RD-M7120 2×12-speed Rear Derailleur

The Shimano SLX RD-M7120 2×12-speed rear derailleur features an elegant yet aggressive angled design and an attractive anodised aluminium surface. The derailleurs feature bigger 13-tooth pulleys and include Shimano’s proven Shadow RD+ low profile technology. The use of a single or a double system requires the installation of the specific single or double rear derailleur (1×12: RD-M7100-SGS / 2×12: RD-M7120-SGS). The new construction of the low-profile RD-M7100 SHADOW RD+ rear derailleur improves shift quality, range of adjustment and chain retention while allowing for a wide range of gearing options.


  • Shadow RD+ For optimal chain retention
  • RD-M7120-SGS  
    • 45T max cog size
    • Works with 2×12-speed 10-45-teeth cassette
  • Pulley size with 13T increased for reduced friction

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Group: SLX M7100
  • Model: RD-M7120
  • Mount: Direct Mount
  • Technology: Shadow RD+
  • Gradations: SGS-Type 2×12-speed (10-45 cassette)
  • Compatible chain: CN-M7100 12-speed
  • Max. teeth large sprocket: 45T
  • Min. teeth large sprocket: 45T
  • Max. teeth small sprocket: 10T
  • Min. teeth small sprocket: 10T
  • Max. Front Difference: 10T
  • Total Capacity: 45T

Pulley cage

  • Type-SGS long


  • Aluminum
  • GFRP
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel


  • approx. 322g (manufacturer information)

Shimano SLX CS-M7100 12-speed Cassette 10-45

The Shimano CS-M7100 is the suitable cassette for new SLX 12-speed group. HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrain’s redesigned cassette and chain promotes the next generation of MTB riding by enhancing speed, shifting efficiency and smoothness over any terrain.


  • Gearing option 10-45T (12-speed rhythm step spec for Cross Country)
  • Hyperglide+ quicker shifting
  • Material Aluminium & steel
  • BEAM SPIDER construction Increased acceleration
  • MICRO SPLINE 10T lowest sprocket realized by new FREEHUB body construction

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Group: SLX M7100
  • Model: CS-M7100-12
  • Type: Hyperglide+
  • Gear: 12-speed
  • Compatible chain: CN-M7100 12-speed


  • 10-45 (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45 teeth)


  • Aluminium
  • Steel


  • approx. 513g (manufacturer information)

Shimano SLX CN-M7100 12-speed Chain with Quick-Link

The special design of the new Shimano SLX CN-M7100 12-speed chain ensures improved shifting performance and smoother running – even in rough terrain. The SM-CN910-12 Quick-Link closure, which is also new, makes installation easy.


  • New Drive System Dedicated Design Chain
  • Greater chain retention to extend portion on the end of inner plate to firmly hold the tooth both front and cassette sprocket
  • Enhancements to shifting performance
  • Easy connect
  • Smoother driving even over bumpy terrain
  • Compatible with new generation of drive train
  • Quick-Link (SM-CN910-12)
  • Quick-Link connecting & removing pliers (TL-CN10) – Not included!

Product features

  • Use: MTB, E-Bike
  • Group: SLX M7100
  • Model: CN-M7100
  • Gear front: 1/2-speed
  • Gear rear: 12-speed
  • Type: HG
  • Hollow Pin: No
  • Roller Link Plate: SIL-TEC
  • Connector: Quick-Link SM-CN910-12


  • SLX M7100
  • XT M8100
  • XTR M9100
  • 12-speed E-Bike


  • 126


  • approx. 252g / 116 Links (manufacturer information)
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