Shimano XTR CN-M9100+CS-M9100 12-speed Wear and Tear Set – MTB Cassette


Shimano XTR CN-M9100+CS-M9100 12-speed Wear and Tear Set

Wear and Tear set for Shimano 12-speed drive consisting of the XTR CS-M9100 12-speed cassette in various gradations and the XTR CN-M9100 chain with 116 links.

Scope of delivery – XTR CN-M9100+CS-M9100 12-speed Wear and Tear Set

  • 1 Shimano XTR 12-speed Cassette CS-M9100 incl. Lock Ring (choose variant)
  • 1 Shimano CN-M9100 12-speed Chain incl. Connector Quick-Link SM-CN910-12

XTR CS-M9100 12-speed Cassette

The Shimano CS-M9100 is the suitable cassette for new XTR 12-speed group. Hyperglide+ is your new best friend! Fast shifting, power transfer and stability like you’ve never experienced. How do you make it it lighter, more durable and more rigid, lesson number one: use alloy, steel and titanium together. It’s quicker, smoother and you can continuously pedal while shifting under load!


  • Gearing options
    • 10-45T (12-speed rhythm step spec for Cross Country)
    • 10-51T (12-speed wide range spec for Enduro)
  • Hyperglide+ 30% quicker shifting
  • Material Titanium, aluminium & steel
  • BEAM SPIDER construction Increased acceleration
  • Compatibility 1x or 2x chainring systems

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Group: XTR M9100
  • Model: CS-M9100-12
  • Type: Hyperglide+
  • Gear: 1×12-speed / 2×12-speed
  • Compatible chain: CN-M9100 12-speed

Gradation (choose variant)

  • 10-45 (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45 teeth)
  • 10-51 (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51 teeth)


  • Aluminium spider arm
  • Titan (5 spockets)
  • Aluminium (3 spockets)
  • Steel (4 sprockets)
  • Aluminum lock-ring


  • 10-45 349g (manufacturer information)
  • 10-51 359g (manufacturer information)

CN-M9100 12-speed Chain with Quick-Link SM-CN910-12

The special design of the new Shimano CN-M9100 12-speed chain ensures improved shifting performance and smoother running – even in rough terrain. The SM-CN910-12 Quick-Link closure, which is also new, makes installation easy.

Features – CN-M9100 12-speed Chain with Quick-Link SM-CN910-12

  • New Drive System Dedicated Design Chain
  • Greater chain retention to extend portion on the end of inner plate to firmly hold the tooth both front and cassette sprocket
  • Enhancements to shifting performance
  • Easy connect
  • Smoother driving even over bumpy terrain
  • Compatible with new generation of drive train
  • Quick-Link (SM-CN910-12)
  • Quick-Link connecting & removing pliers (TL-CN10) – Not included!

Product features

  • Use: MTB, E-Bike
  • Group: XTR M9100
  • Model: CN-M9100
  • Gear front: 1/2-speed
  • Gear rear: 11-speed (Wide Flange) / 12-speed
  • Type: HG
  • Hollow Pin: Yes
  • Pin Link Plate: SIL-TEC
  • Roller Link Plate: Chromizing
  • Roller: SIL-TEC
  • Connector: Quick-Link SM-CN910-12


  • XTR M9100
  • 12-speed E-Bike


  • 116


  • approx 250g
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