Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 12 Speed 29er 2020 Carbon/Red



The Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 12-Speed 29er Mountain Bike 2020 is the dream trail bike on an everyman’s budget, featuring a top-level chassis & 12-speed build kit.

Don’t worry, S-Works doesn’t get to have all of the fun. The new 2020 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29 12-Speed features the same frame with a full 11m carbon chassis and rear-end as its older brother, but with a solid list of no-fuss components, including a SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed groupset, for an everyman’s budget.

The design goal for the new Specialized Stumpjumper was simple – build the ultimate trail bike, one that feels telepathic. And it turns out that this feeling all comes down to stiffness. Think of it this way: when the frame’s telling your hands one thing and your feet another, your brain gets confused with the imbalance and the bike feels unstable. In order to fix this, they had to get to work on dialing-in the materials, shapes, and the layout.

Specialized started by creating their own mountain-specific stiffness test, and then looked at the layout with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to see where the biggest stiffness improvements could be made. This led to a big discovery: The Large and X-Large frames needed more front-end stiffness while the Smalls and Mediums were just fine. With this information, Specialized were able to create a frame design that was 20% more efficient. And in the end, this proved to be one of the lightest trail frames on the market, today.

When designing the frame with the stiffness targets being a main goal, they developed a radical new sidearm design for the 2020 Stumpjumper. The front-end and rear-end are connected at three points, and the sidearm helps keep all these points super stiff and connected, all while taking about 100 grams out of the rear-end. More explicitly, this minimizes frame flex when the rear suspension is active.

Continuing down the suspension path, both the fork and rear shock get a custom Rx Trail Tune. Suspension performance is highly dependent on frame, wheel, and rider size, so the Rx Tune allows for each bike to land in the middle of the adjustment spectrum, and this gives you the biggest possible range to fine-tune your ride. Another focal point of the tune for the Stumpjumper was matching the suspension characteristics between wheel sizes—we developed a specific Rx Tune for each platform. So, no matter what wheel size you prefer, you’ll get perfectly linear suspension.

Steps were also taken to make the Specialized Stumpjumper easy to live with. Threaded bottom brackets make a triumphant return, and there’s room for up to a 3.0″ tire. You’re also free to run whatever aftermarket rear shock you want, since the 2020 Stumpy uses standard metric shocks. There’s a revamped SWAT box, too, making it sleeker, lighter, and with more volume.

Customization is furthered with a Flip Chip that lets you to dial-in your Stumpy to your riding style. Switch it from High to Low and it drops your bottom bracket 6mm and slackens the head tube by half-a-degree. Little details also jump out to surprise you, like a newly designed ribbed chainstay protector that makes chain slap a thing of the past and nearly silences the drivetrain. Lastly, Specialized have seriously honed in their cable routing, making it as easy as can be on carbon models. Full tubes can be found throughout the carbon frame, so all you have to do is push the cable and it’ll come out the other end. No more lazy loop, hidden stashes of magnets, pokey spokes, or pillows to cry in.

For the build, the Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 2020 comes with a list of components that deliver undeniable quality, like a 12-speed SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain with RaceFace cranks, SRAM Guide R disc brakes, FOX front and rear suspension, and Roval Traverse 29 wheels.

Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29 12-Speed 2020 Features

  • The Stumpjumper’s asymmetrical, FACT 11m carbon fiber construction is lightweight, stiff, and ready to take on the trail. It’s built off the 29 Trail Geometry, so it’s just the right amount of both capable and comfortable.
  • Custom RX Tune is applied by the in-house Suspension Team, ensuring that it’s perfectly paired for the specific kinematics of the bike, riding in the sweet spot with an ideal range of adjustability.
  • The Flip-Chip allows you to change the frame geometry with ease, tailoring the ride to your style & the terrain ahead. There are two settings, High and Low, adjusting bottom bracket height by 6mm and the head tube angle by half-a-degree.
  • Ultimate adjustability with standard stroke eye-to-eye metric shocks, a threaded BB system and up to 3.0″ tyre clearance.
  • Improved cable routing waves good-bye to lazy loop, hidden stashes of magnets, pokey spokes or pillows to cry in.
  • A new chainstay protector makes the drivetrain virtually silent, as well as eliminating chain slap. This is done through nubs disrupting the slap of the chain to reduce its movement and noise.
  • SWAT Down Tube Storage takes everything from the last generation and makes it sleeker and lighter, while also adding 20% more volume.

2020 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29 12-Speed Build Highlights

  • FOX Float Rhythm 34 GRIP Damper 150mm travel fork
  • FOX Float DPS Performance shock
  • SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed
  • Roval Traverse 29 tubeless ready rims paired to Butcher/Purgatory 2.6″ tyres
  • SRAM Guide R disc brakes
  • X-Fusion Manic dropper post
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