SRAM Red eTap AXS HRD FM 2×12-Speed 37-50 6-Bolt Disc Power Meter Groupset



The Red eTap AXS HRD FM 2×12-speed 37-50 power meter groupset with 6-bolt disc brakes by SRAM – all-inclusive package for performance-oriented riders
The SRAM Red eTap AXS™ HRD FM 2×12-speed 37-50 power meter groupset with 6-bolt disc brakes is customisable while maintaining high performance. With a wide range of gears and a narrow gradation you will always find the right gear and enjoy a smooth, safe and gentle ride. You can adjust the shift/brake levers to suit your hand size and reach. Shifting occurs wirelessly and the shift levers are mounted on the inside of the brake levers, creating an extremely clean cockpit. The eTap shifting logic, where you use one lever to shift up and the other to shift down, is intuitive. With AXS, you can easily customise the groupset from your smartphone and make adjustments while riding. The Orbit™ technology also ensures silent, fast shifting. The cassette contributes its part to the weight reduction through its elaborate, one-piece design. The link shape of the chain is unique, making it narrow, light and yet stable. It runs extremely quietly and delivers fast, precise shifts. In terms of brakes, SRAM’s award-winning HRD platform enables flat mount disc brakes to deliver exceptional performance. Reach the next level and concentrate on the most important thing: your ride.
The QUARQ Red AXS power meter crankset will help you do just that, because it features fully integrated, original QUARQ power measurement technology that records power, cadence, torque and pedal stroke for you. The chainring difference of 13 teeth ensures precise shifting.

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:
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Series: Red eTap AXS
Application: Road
Gearing: 2-speed, 12-speed (wireless)
Brakes: disc, hydraulic (flat mount)

Crankset: 170.0 mm, 175.0 mm (37-50 gradation)
Cassette: 10-26, 10-28, 10-33
Front Derailleur: braze-on
Rear Derailleur: mid cage (10-26, 10-28, 10-33)

Additional Components Needed:
The bottom bracket is not included. SRAM recommends the SRAM Road DUB bottom bracket.

– all electronic components for your bike
– wireless control of rear derailleur and front derailleur
– compatible with current eTap batteries
– simple and intuitive eTap shifting logic
– AXS for easy personalisation
– XDR compatible cassette
– chain has Flattop Powerlock master link
– chain with inner and outer plates made of Hard Chrome™ for faster and more precise shifting
– chain with HollowPin™ construction for more strength and efficiency
– cranks with X-Range™ technology for more range and smoother gear gradation
– cranks with integrated power measurement in the chainring to save weight
– performance measurement unaffected by temperature fluctuations
– power measurement for left and right leg separately
– unique chainring design for less weight and stiffer, more durable cranks

QUARQ Operating Principle:
The crankset forms the heart of your bike. Their only task is to convert the force of both legs into forward motion – the perfect place to measure performance.
Power meters calculate power by measuring torque (pedal force) and angular velocity (cadence). Power = torque x cadence. When you pedal, all parts of the bicycle drivetrain shift (bend) slightly under the load. Power meters are designed using FE analysis so that these displacements take place in a very controlled manner and at specific locations in relation to the applied load. Strain gauges are used to measure this displacement and thus calculate the applied torque. Reed switches are used to calculate the cadence.

DZero is QUARQ’s next generation power meter, named after the DZero Experiment, one of the most accurate and innovative scientific projects to discover subatomic particles. With a revised measurement loop, an optimised strain gauge design, increased accuracy and modern software, DZero represents the ” state of the art” for power meter technology. You can choose between Bluetooth® LE and ANT+ technology for data transfer.

SRAM’s eTap is a simple, unambiguous and intuitive shifting logic. With the left shift lever you move the rear derailleur inwards to a larger sprocket, with the right shift lever you move it outwards to a smaller sprocket. With the shift lever pressed down, you can shift several gears immediately after one another. Pressing both shift levers at the same time causes a derailleur movement in 2-speed shifting systems.

AXS is the new electronic integration platform by SRAM, which combines electronic bicycle components and software. The SRAM AXS app allows you to view battery status, change component behaviour, adjust controls, receive maintenance reminders and update firmware.

Orbit technology is an innovative new form of rear derailleur movement control. It uses silicone fluid as part of an elegant and ultralight damper system. Compared to a conventional friction clutch system, the Orbit technology generates no additional resistance at the rear derailleur spring during slow or light movement. This results in easier shifting and easier removal of the rear wheel. During the ride, the liquid damper holds the chain back in a sophisticated and elegant way. With the highest reliability and chain tension, for 2-speed and 1-speed systems.

The cage of the SRAM Yaw front derailleur pivots synchronously with the chain. This ensures an optimum shifting process in every gear.

Deep Range™:
Not only does it offer more ratios, but the range is better. It has ” depth” : a smoother, more useful gear gradation. Intelligent shifting settings, made possible by AXS, bring the simplicity of a 1-speed drivetrain to a 2-speed one. This way you always have the right gear and the ratio does not get in your way. Ride faster, more efficiently and more pleasantly with Deep Range technology.

In order to offer Deep Range technology, SRAM had to develop a narrower chain. The unique articulation of the Flattop technology not only made this narrower chain possible, but also resulted in quieter operation, increased strength and durability.

The SRAM Red eTap AXS HRD FM 2×12 37-50 power meter groupset consists of:
– 1 x QUARQ Red AXS 2-speed power meter crankset
– 1 x SRAM XG-1290 cassette
– 1 x SRAM Red 12-speed chain
– 1 x SRAM PowerLock master link
– 1 pair of SRAM Red eTap HRD FM shift/brake levers
– 1 pair of SRAM Red AXS (flat mount) disc brakes, ready to mount (filled & bled)
– 2 x SRAM disc brake adapters for 160 mm
– 1 x SRAM Red eTap AXS rear derailleur, with a battery
– 1 x SRAM Red eTap AXS front derailleur, with a battery
– 2 x SRAM Centerline XR 6-bolt rotors, 2-part, 160 mm
– 1 x SRAM battery charger
– 1 x SRAM cable
– 2 x SRAM olives
– 2 x SRAM insert pins
– 6 x SRAM titanium bolts for brake calipers
– 4 x SRAM washers
– 1 x SRAM bolt for front derailleur
– 1 x SRAM washer for front derailleur
– 1 x SRAM front derailleur bolt
– 3 x SRAM adapter wedges
– 1 x SRAM T8 Torx key
– 1 x SRAM bleed block
– 1 x SRAM adjustment tool
– 1 x SRAM brake rotor truing tool

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