SRAM XG-1295 Cassette + PC X01 Eagle Chain 12-speed Wear and Tear Set – MTB Cassette


SRAM XG-1295 Cassette + PC X01 Eagle Chain 12-speed Wear and Tear Set

Wear and tear set for Sram X01 Eagle 12-speed gear consisting of X01 Eagle XG-1295 Cassette with 10-50T and the X01 Eagle Chain with 126 Links.

Fearless: the X01 Eagle XG-1295 Cassette + X01 Eagle Chain 12-speed Wear and Tear Set from Sram

The Eagle™ chain’s links have a smooth radius, with no sharp edges or chamfers, which yield a significant reduction in noise, friction and wear on chainrings and cassette cogs. This design also allows for a flatter plate, which means more consistent chain riveting and greater overall strength. HARD CHROME™ technology extends the chain’s optimal performance life.

The last dangling shred of an argument in favor of a mountain bike front derailleur is now officially dead. Designed for use with Srams proven, reliable XD™ driver body, this 12-speed, 10- to 50-tooth cassette offers an optimal 500-percent gear range at a considerably lighter weight than 2x systems. It carries with it the X-DOME™ architecture, which, independent tests have concluded, yields the strongest cassettes on the market. New shifting characteristics improve both, inboard and outboard shifting, as well as chain retention.

Scope of delivery – X01 Eagle XG-1295 Cassette + X01 Eagle Chain 12-speed Wear and Tear Set

  • 1 x SRAM X01 Eagle Chain 12-speed 126 Links
  • 1 x SRAM X01 Eagle XG-1295 12-speed Cassette 10-50

Features – Sram X01 Eagle Chain

  • Groundbreaking new chain design and technology
  • The Eagle™ chain has been completely re-engineered, and is produced with new manufacturing technology
  • All-new Eagle™ PowerLock® chain connector with FLOWLINK™ technology provides better chain-guiding and increased longevity
  • The Eagle™ chain is the quietest, strongest and most wear-resistant chain in the world
  • Unique features and design also provide significantly improved wear resistance on Eagle™ cassettes and rings

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Model: X01 Eagle
  • Gear: 12-speed
  • Links: 126
  • Technology Highlight(s): FLOWLINK™, HARD CHROME™, POWERLOCK®, X-SYNC™
  • Compatible Gears: Eagle™ 10-50t cassette only
  • Closing Link: Eagle™ PowerLock® PVD
  • Outer Plate: Nickel + PVD
  • Inner Plate: Chrome Plated + PVD
  • Pin Treatment: Chrome hardened, Hollow Pin™
  • Recommended Group: XX1 Eagle™, X01 Eagle™, GX Eagle™
  • Compatibility: Eagle™


  • silver


  • 264g (Manufacturer information)

Features – X01 Eagle XG-1295 12-speed Cassette 10-50

  • Eagle Technology
  • XD™ Driver Body creates more stable hub connection
  • X-Glide² – improves shifting as well as chain retention

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Model: XG-1295
  • Speeds: 12-speed
  • Teeth: 10-50
  • Gear Ratios: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-50
  • Recommended Chain: Eagle chains only


  • Only compatible with XD™ Driver Body


  • machined cromoly (cog cluster)
  • aluminium (largest cog)


  • black
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