Yeti SB165 T-Series 27.5 Mountain Bike Frame 2020 Carbon Raw Grey



The Yeti SB165 27.5 Mountain Bike was created to go after whatever your going after. The slackest sled in their line up, kinematic tuned for a coil shock, come race day or outside the tape this bike has you covered

Master of the Gnariverse. Bold claim for some. Fact-checked humility for the Yeti SB165 frame. A bike created to get after whatever you’re getting after. The slackest sled in our lineup. With the most travel. Coil-shock only. For the steepest. The angriest. And the most vengeful. Wherever you’re going, it already has you covered. At home outside the tape, beyond the norm. Taken on the trails nobody talks about. Trusted on the lines where mistakes can’t happen. Comfortable with all the chaos. Please when you’re puckered. Fearless of your fear.

Idea Generation – The SB165 was conceived to push boundaries. This is the bike you ride on trails where mistakes can’t happen. Richie Rude thinks it is pretty cool and he sent his first “huck” in Kamloops on it.

Switch Infinity patented suspension system – Switch Infinity utilizes a patented translating pivot that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel. This provides a tailored anti-squat curve while allowing the leverage ratio to be tuned independently, something other systems can’t physically achieve.

High modulus carbon fibre main frame and swing arm – TURQ Series bikes are made with the highest quality carbon fiber available and offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance. The result is a bike that feels smooth, solid and aggressive and 220 grams lighter. Every bike is tested by the best racers in the world, including EWS World Champion Richie Rude, our in-house testing team and ambassadors around the world.

The Proper Wheel Size – Purely built to rip on the trail, stay composed on the chunder, find off-camber grip and send into the abyss. To achieve this, we applied our slack and long geometry to the 27.5″ wheel platform. The result, a bike that is f-ing fun. It’s playful on the technical terrain, accelerates out of corners, all with reduced rotational weight.

Coil Only, No Compromises – Yeti spec’d a coil-shock for its active feel over small bumps, but the inherently linear progression of a coil can make for a sluggish feeling climb. Doubling the leverage ratio allows the bike to have that supple coil-shock feel but still rip and pop on the trail.

Shock Tuning – ach Yeti model has a custom shock tune that works in conjunction with the leverage ratio and anti-squat properties of the frame. We collaborate with FOX Racing using a number of testing protocols – some are qualitative and require athletes to give us information about “feel” and others are quantitative and are recorded with telemetry for analysis. Through this process, we were able to push the performance of the SB165 and derive a tune that enhanced its mid-stoke and bottom-out control while maintaining its pedaling efficiency.

Slack For a Reason – This bike is built to rip the steep shots, so it needs to be slack. A steeper seat angle and efficient Switch Infinity pedaling platform offset the relaxed head angle when climbing. That means you can leave the shuttle truck at home when you want to pedal to the goods.

Lifetime Warranty – The SB165 frame and Switch Infinity link are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. You CAN race, jump, ford streams, shred the gnar or ride it hard. Don’t worry, you don’t need a lawyer to decipher how it works


TRAVEL 165mm
SHOCK Fox Factory DHX2 2 Pos Lever 230mm X 65mm
MATERIAL Turq-Series Carbon
REAR SHOCK 210mm X 52.5mm
REAR SKEWER 148mm X 12mm


Sizing Information
155 CM — 170 CM
165 CM — 180 CM
178 CM — 191 CM
185 CM — 201 CM
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